Private Prescriptions


Private Prescriptions

Our Superintendent Pharmacist has a wealth of community experience.  As well as working closely with the NHS, we also work with private doctors to dispense private prescriptions. Therefore if you are needing a private prescription to be fulfilled, please look no further than E-Medicina. We are here to support you at all times.


Why use to E-Medicina for treatment of minor conditions?


The benefit to you is the convenience of accessing treatment without having to see your GP first. This means you often don’t have to book an appointment. And even if you do, we don’t have waiting times as many GP surgeries do.

Secondly, the NHS benefits. Being able to access treatment for minor conditions through your pharmacy eases the pressure off of GPs and A&E departments.

Thirdly, many GPs will now refer you to a pharmacy for accessing healthcare for minor ailments. So you may find you can avoid a wasted journey to your GP by coming directly to a pharmacy instead.

But don’t worry. Our pharmacists are clinically trained to provide these treatments. Plus, we know when to refer you to your GP or to A&E. This way you know that you’re in the right place to receive the treatment you need.

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