e-Private Prescription


e-Private Prescriptions

e-medicina pharmacy uses e-Private Prescription software to receive prescriptions from private doctors.

e-Private Prescription (EPP) is a web-based proprietary software used by private doctors to send prescriptions electronically to pharmacists. It uses encryption and an advanced electronic signature fully complying to current UK legislation. This makes it very secure and acceptable to both doctors and pharmacists.

Who can use it?

Doctors registered with the General Medical Council can apply to use EPP. Any doctor wishing to use this service should send an email to: info@ehealthsolutions.co.uk

How does it work?

Doctors send their prescription electronically to e-medicina using EPP. It is ideal for private doctors without the administrative issues, no need to post the original paper copy.

e-medicina will then contact the patient for payment and send out the prescription for FREE delivery by the next working day provided it is sent by 3 pm and item in stock.


Please ask your doctor if they use EPP and you too can have your private medication delivered FREE to your home.


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