Oilatum Junior Bath Additive – 300ml

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Fragrance free soothing bath treatment for eczema and dry skin conditions suitable for babies and children.

Active ingredients light liquid paraffin


Other ingredients: acetylated lanolin, alcohols, isopropyl palmitate, polyethylene glycol 400 dilaurate, macragol ester

BATH: add 1-3 capfuls to an 8 inch bath of water, soak for 10-20 minutes then pat dry

INFANT BATH: add half to 2 capfuls to a small bath of water. Apply gently over the entire body with a sponge then pat dry

SKIN CLEANSING: rub a small amount into wet skin, rinse off and pat dry

Use only on skin. Take extra care against slipping in the bath. Avoid contact with the eyes. Do not use if allergic to any of the ingredients listed. Do not smoke or go near naked flames, FIRE HAZARD .

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