How to Access Prescription Delivery & How to Sign Up


How to Access Prescription Delivery & How to Sign Up

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We can deliver your prescriptions to your door for free today with our NHS prescription delivery service! Keep reading to learn more about our prescription delivery in Manchester and across the UK.

Suppose you are suffering from a long-term medical condition or disability, or you are looking after a person who does. In that case, chances are, you depend on a regular flow of prescription medicines. Even though most NHS prescriptions are usually affordable or even free to the people who depend on them the most, the whole process of taking a prescription to the pharmacy and paying regularly can be time-consuming and inconvenient at times.

e-Medicina Online Pharmacy offers a repeat prescription service that can help take off some of your pressure. People under repeat prescriptions can sign up for the delivery service to deliver their medicines to wherever they will be, whether it’s home, work, or any other place.

How our repeat prescription delivery in Manchester and across the UK works

The first part of applying for the repeat prescription delivery service with our online pharmacy is to create an account or register with us. Here you’ll be required to provide your patient details, such as the name of your healthcare provider and the repeat prescriptions you are under. Your bank account details will also be required to facilitate payment and enable the dispatch of your prescription medicines. It takes about a minute or two to sign up for this service online.

The second part involves our staff contacting your GP surgery and getting your repeat prescription. Once we obtain your patient details and prescription, we will be able to send your medications any time you need them.

We will also send you reminders on a monthly basis to request your repeat prescriptions, as well as notifications when your medicines arrive. In a case where you no longer require one or more of the medicines, or if you need to change your prescription, you can simply get in touch with our pharmacy through our contact information, and your details will be updated. You will decide on how to get these reminders.

How to receive your prescriptions

The final part involves free delivery of your prescription medicines. You’ll just choose an address in the UK, whether it’s home, work, your carer’s address or your neighbour’s address. Delivery will be done free of charge. A confirmation will be sent to you that your prescription is ready before delivery. In case you pay for the medicines, payment will be deducted from your account during dispatch. It is recommended that you send your repeat prescription request early enough to enable the timely arrival of your medicines.

You are not required to sign to receive your medication. You simply need to provide a UK address as well as a letterbox. At e-Medicina Online Pharmacy, our packaging is secure and tamper-proof and can also fit through a normal size letterbox. In a rare case where your medication doesn’t fit in a letterbox, our mailing agent will update you on how you will arrange for collection or re-delivery.

Learn more on how this service works here:

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Who can use NHS repeat prescription delivery?

Even though this service is open for anyone who is 18 years of age and above, who depend on repeat prescriptions, there are a few guidelines that you should consider about eligibility before signing up.

The first is that your GP surgery should be in a position to provide electronic prescriptions for you. This service depends on the use of electronic prescriptions.

The second is that this service can only be provided to persons who are residents or at least registered to a licensed GP in England. This service is not applicable to residents of Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man unless they are registered to a GP in England.

A woman receiving her prescription delivery.

Is repeat prescription medication packaging discreet?

As we stated earlier, our packaging is completely secure, confidential, and tamper-proof. This makes its contents unknown to everyone except the receiver.

Who is eligible for prescription delivery in Manchester and across the UK?

You are considered eligible to get free prescriptions in England if you provide proof to the pharmacy that you are:

– Under 16 years
– Aged between 16 to 18 years and in full-time education
– 60 years of age or above
– Pregnant or have given birth in the past year
– Suffering from a specific medical issue
– Physically disabled and unable to go anywhere without assistance from another person

At the moment, you can only get a free prescription from your local pharmacy, including e-Medicina, or your GP. Nominate us today to have your prescriptions delivered to you!

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